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Many people have the desire to join the military or armed force but to be the family of a soldier is quite a tough job especially

I just salute the courage of soldiers’ mothers who sacrifice their most precious things for the security and safety of civilians.

As a society, it is our prime responsibility to pay tribute such mothers who sent their sons in US military especially

the mothers of martyred as well.

The core agenda behind the creation of this platform is also to share the inspirational stories of military personnel mothers.

Therefore, we welcome all brave mothers of nation to express their sons’ bravery stories and biographies with us and

it does not matter if your son is posted at Wisconsin, Missouri or getting training at military academy of Pennsylvania.

We will also encourage the professional writers if they want to participate in this awesome cause. 

However, each kind of stuff will be published with complete authority and after the approval of our editorial team as well.    


A Mother's Heart

My mind can know
But my heart doesn’t understand
My beloved sweet boy
Becoming an angry young man
The Army life Is unknown to me
I try to understand
But you say “let me be!”
My heart will ache
With each passing day
That I don’t hear
From you, far away.
Mistakes of the past
I wish you’d forgive
At least just agree
To live and let live
Like treading on pins
So afraid am I
To leave on bad terms
God forbid, you should die
I’m always your mom
And always will be
Maybe someday
The truth you will see
So I swallow my pride
And try to go on
and wait for you to say“I’m sorry,

 Author: Vicky Bernier


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