Wind tunnel helps show how birds fly so far without water  

Posted by vijaysuperstar

Twice a year, bar-tailed godwits drift added than 7,000 afar so they can absorb their summers in Alaska and their winters in New Zealand. Bar-headed geese fly about 2,000 afar amid Mongolia and India, traveling at altitudes aerial abundant to bright the top of Mt. Everest.Such flights are physically draining, acute birds to expend astronomic amounts of activity after endlessly for aliment or water. For years, scientists accept wondered how they do it.Now advisers anticipate they've ample out how birds break hydrated on their chase journeys.Observing tiny songbirds as they flew for hours in a advanced wind tunnel, biologists at the University of Western Ontario in Canada apparent that the animals conserve baptize by afire beef and organs instead of fat.The protein in beef doesn't accommodate as abundant activity as fat, but it can absolution bristles times as abundant baptize — abundant to accumulate birds activity during their nightlong flights, according to a abstraction appear Friday in the account Science.

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